Mark Cunnington takes you on two fantastic carp fishing adventures with The Syndicate books.


The Syndicate 1.

Meet Matt Williams and Rambo, stars of the books and follow them on a manic journey of lies, sabotage and covert operations, as they compete to bag the most 20lb Carp and win the highly coveted Tom Watt Twenty Trophy at the local syndicate lake

During their journey they encounter a myriad of characters, all very real and very funny, and all have one goal, to beat each other, by whatever means necessary to win the ultimate prize.


The Syndicate 2.

Matt is trying to pick up the pieces following his obsessive and ultimately self destructive race for the TWTT, in book one.

Just as things can't get any worse, Matt's luck changes , and once again we see the narrator taken on a fantastic fishing journey, only this time to carp fishing euphoria.

Matt meets up with his old friend Rambo, and in total contrast to the first book, experiences the very best that carp fishing has to offer.

Both of these books are a must for any carp angler.

A unique and refreshing change to the thousands of how to carp books already available.

We have all read a book at sometime that is hard to put down. These are no exception, not a sentence goes by without something happening. These books will have you laughing out loud. The perfect anecdote for carp fishing blues.

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