Step by Step Guide to Making Hooklinks


Cut a length of strong fishing line or braid between 200mm and 400mm long.

Tie the ' hair' and hook to one end using the 'knotless' knot illustrated below.


Tie a simple overhand knot at one end of your hooklink material.

This should form a small loop for mounting the bait.

Pass the other end of your hooklink material through the eye of a large hook, size 2 - 14 are ideal.

Allow at least 30mm from the end of the loop to the bend of the hook, for the hair.



Take the end that you passed through the hook eye, and whip it around the hair line, and hook shank at least 6 times (more if using a larger hook)

Then thread it back through the eye of the hook once more.

Pull the two ends of your hooklink tight.

The finished knot should look like the one above.

In use you mount the bait onto the 'hair' by threading the 'hair' through the bait with a bait needle.


Now you have tied the hook and hair its time to finish off the hooklink.


To finish off the hooklink you must tie a swivel to the other end of the hooklink.

You will attach your hooklink to your main fishing line using the swivel.

The swivel is also used to secure the sinker. For more information about attaching the sinker click here



You will need to have a baiting needle to thread the bait onto the hair. See below for instructions to make your own.


Take a long, large sewing needle.

Try and find the longest one possible as it will be easier easier to handle.

Using a pair of tin snips or pliers cut one side of the needles' eye away.


Mounting your bait onto the hair is simple using the baiting needle.


To mount your bait on the hair rig simply push the needle into the bait.

The bait shown here is a 'boilie' but you can use almost anything you like.


Hook the needle onto the hair loop and slide the bait onto the hair.


You will now need to use something to stop the bait coming off of the hair.

If you can't get hold of manufactured 'hair stops' simply insert a small piece of grass into the loop and slide the bait back down onto it.

There are many variations of the hooklink but the basic principles involved in constructing them are the same as described on this page.

The hooklink can be used on it's own simply tied to your line but is most effective when used in conjunction with a sinker to produce a 'rig'.

A rig is the collective name for a hooklink used with a particular method of deployment. This is explained in more detail here.


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The booklet also contains handy tips and ideas for carp fishermen in counties where manufactured carp tackle and baits are not readily available.

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