If you are a regular visitor to Carp Universe you will have noticed the constant changes to the site over the last few months.

We are working on many new sections, including the popular show me how sections that we hope will open up the sometimes highly secretive world of carp fishing to every body.

Carp Universe is a free site for all to use as often as you wish, and the only way we can acheive this is by the use of banner ads and personal donations from our visitors.

While we appreciate that banner ads are a bit of a pain, we ask you to consider the amount of time and effort (and phone bills) it takes to keep this site running.

All we ask in return is for you to spare us a little of your time in return and visit some of our sponsor sites. Even the sponsors we use take time to select so they are offering things that we expect our visitors to benefit from. Not all of them are selling products and some actually give you genuine free stuff!

We know from the feedback that we receive that many, many of our visitors improve there carp fishing from the information contained in the site and from their email enquiries wich we always reply to. So if you can spare a moment click on our sponsors and keep Carp Univers alive


The Carp Universe Team

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