British angler Mathew Lawrence fell short of the British record by just 4oz, with this outstanding catch.

His recent capture of the stunning Mirror carp, named 'Two Tone' because of its markings, at an arm wrenching 56lb 2oz was made at the prolific Mid Kent Fisheries.

A 'poped-up' dairy cream and strawberry boilie by 'Solar' tempted the lake monster to becoming the biggest capture of the British summer so far.

Thanks to Carp Fishing UK, a fantastic Carp Fishing Site, for this news, and for the use of their photo. Thanks guys.



ANGRY UK anglers have accused immigrants of poaching fish from London's canals and lakes - by taking them home to eat rather than putting them back.

They have reported the eastern European refugees to the Environment Agency for stealing freshwater fish "by the bag full."

The problem is so serious patrols of enforcement officers have been set up to monitor popular fishing spots. Tackle shop owners in London claim hundreds of refugees are buying heavy duty sea-fishing equipment and lights for night-time raids on fish stocks.

Such is the scale of the illegal fishing, the Environment Agency has published leaflets in many languages to explain regional by-laws. But its warnings are being ignored by immigrants who, according to an agency spokesman, "See giant carp in our canals and think it's Christmas."

Mike Exeter, of the Agency's North East Thames Region fisheries team, said: "Poaching by immigrants is widespread in the London area. We get reports from angry British anglers all the time and our enforcement officers come across it more and more.

"They are taking fish from the Grand Union Canal at various points, from Walthamstow Reservoir and from places as far out as Dagnam Park near Harold Hill and from Barnet.

"They are breaking several laws. They fish without a licence and that's illegal. They fish for food for their families and take bags of fish home with them. You're only allowed to take one fish away under the by-laws, so that's another offence.

"And as they don't have the consent of landowners to take fish away, they are committing theft. They use the same techniques that they would use back home to fish for food. Instead of rod lines, they have set lines with lots of hooks and they fish at night, when the fish are less wary.

"In eastern Europe, they eat just about any freshwater fish - carp, perch, roach, pike. They have carp for Christmas dinner over there. They come here, see giant carp in our canals and think it's Christmas come early."

The fisheries officer continued: "We cannot do much about it. The main problem is communication. They often don't speak English, so we need translators. We're instigating joint patrols around problem venues. But we cannot get far without the police, who have other priorities.

"We've also set up a telephone hotline for anglers to report this kind of thing to us. The problem seems to be getting worse every year."

Mike Ashpole, owner of north London tackle shop Ashpole's of Islington, said he had seen the problem escalate. He said: "There are large numbers of immigrants in our area. At this time of year, when the weather and the carp warm up, we get 15 to 20 of them in our shop a day.

"They buy cheap telescopic rods, big hooks and night lights. It's very obvious what they're up to. The equipment they buy is real heavy duty stuff that you'd use for sea- fishing. It's not equipment for a recreational sport.

"We have the Environment Agency's leaflets pinned up in our shop. They read them and either act innocent or laugh. I would prefer not to serve them but I'm scared of barring them."

The shopkeeper added: "Recently, I refused to serve one customer who was after pirk-sized trebles as I knew he was trying to spear fish."

The Environment Agency's hotline number is 0800 807060.


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