I was a bit hesitant to let you guys know about this one!

The idea of having a couple small private lakes in the heart of France to myself seemed quite appealing.

Having fished the 'commercialised' carp fisheries in France before, I knew all to well how boring and predictable it can get lining up to throw tonnes of boilies in a lake and sit back and wait for one of the well overstocked carp to come along. That is my idea of carp fishing at it's worst!

Now give me a big, luxury caravan beside an old lake full of big, big carp in totally natural surroundings, left to fish 'au naturel' then I am in heaven!

For all you budding carp enthusiasts out there, who dream of catch monster carp then a trip to France is a must! And you could do a lot worse than let the Carp Hunters Abroad be your hosts.

Highly recommended, let them know carp universe sent you and you are sure of a warm welcome. Details of all trips and contacts can be found at their website.



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