The Wild carp
(Cyprinus carpio)

The Wild carp is not unlike the Commoncarp in colour and scale pattern, sometimes leading to confusion between them. A true "wildie" is much slimmer in comparison, and has a body shape a little similar to that of the Barbel.

British wild carp average between 2lb and 5lb in weight, but can grown a little larger in ideal conitions.

Most British waters have been stocked with imported fish by now, so identifying true wildies can be very hard. The only way to be sure is if we know that the water we are fishing has never been stocked with new carp, and has the original centuries old stock present.

Pound for pound, the wild carp is the hardest fighting of all British carp.

The same wild carp that had been introduced here now thrive in warmer climates. In the USA huge carp are present in large numbers, but sadly are disregarded as pests, and little fished for.

In Australia and New Zealand carp introduced into river networks to control weed growth in the hot climate have thrived to such an extent that whole rivers have been destroyed, void of all vegatation. Indigenous species have suffered from the loss of balance.

As part of a culling campaign, no carp may be returned and in some cases court action may result for failing to comply.

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