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  2. Fishing Games
  1. Trophy Bass - Fish for Bass against internet opponents.
  2. Virtual Dep Sea Fishing - Fancy some Big Game fishing?
  3. Black Bass - Fish on four 3D lakes stocked with thousands of fish!
  4. Course Fisherman - Course fishing in this classic simulation.
  5. Bass Masters Classic Tournament Edition - Based on the prestigious Bass tournaments in the world.
  6. Trophy Rivers - Two hundred miles of river to fish on your PC!
  8. Club Regal,
  10. Fish's Revenge - Excellent!!!!! Swap roles and be the fish trying to catch the angler. With baits like beef jerky and wrestling tickets this game will keep you amused for hours!
  11. Fishermans Delight 1 - Fish for 20 species on 9 different locations with this simulator.
  12. Fishermans Delight 2 - Second edition of the virtual fishing simulator.  (shareware)
  13. Fishermans Warm Water Challenge - Battle it out  with up to four players
  14. Fishermans Salt Water Challenge -  Battle it out  with up to four players
  15. Challenge fishing 2000 - Compete against your computer.

    Deep Sea Fishing Cheats! - Enter the following codes during the game.

              CHEAT  CODE                     EFFECT IN GAME
  ds10x -   
Fish attracted ten times more than normal
    dsnobreak -  Disable line breaks
      dscatchnow  - Fish caught instantly -
     dsbluemarlin Blue Marlin will be next fish caught -


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