Fishing for carp in the summer

Summer is definitely my favourite time of year for catching carp. Night fishing is a real passion of mine and I enjoy nothing more on a summer's night than to be beside the water.

Carp are very active in the summer months and locating them can be easier than in winter.

Carp enjoy the sun as much as we do, and if you spend some time watching the water they will give themselves away.

Before fishing it is a good idea to have a look around the venue, then choose a swim. If you are a regular at a particular water, watch the fish movements and see if you can establish patterns that might give you an idea where to fish in the future.

Consider the natural food that is in abundance at this time of year. The trees are full of friut and nuts, similarly flavoured baits are a good starting point.

Look for obvious feeding grounds, for example, beneath overhanging trees and amongst weed beds.

Summer time is also a good time of year to try out new rigs, baits and ideas of your own.

Always make sure that you have some floating baits in your kit and if possible a spare rod set up to fish them. I have banked many bonus carp while bolt rigging. I certainly would not have caught them if my spare rod had not been ready.

Make sure you have got plenty of insect repellent in your kit, as carp are not the only avid summer eaters!

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