The Crucian carp
(Carassius carassius)

The Crucian carp has been in the UK since about the 18th century. It is the smallest of all the carps that we fish for, and has a unique appearance. The body of a crucian is very rounded with an even pattern of small scales covering it. Colour can vary from gold to bronze. With rounded fins and a cheeky face this species is a favorite among youngsters fishing small ponds, although many adults enjoy catching them too.

For their size, average 2lbs in the UK, they are hard little fighters, and a specimen of 5lb is not uncommon.

This carp swims in a curious shoal of same age fish, all of around the same weight, and is best fished for on light tackle.

Locating these fish can present a problem but once found, they will provide some excellent sport.


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